A couple of months ago Apple introduced the iPhone 6S and in case you are not knowledgeable about this Apple clinic you might be confused about this brand new iPhone because it seems like this iPhone 6 but fear they aren’t similar. On the interior.

There’s better hardware, enhanced camera, more powerful instance, the brand new 3D Touch and (at last) 2GB of RAM. Through time that the ‘S’ consistently brought something fresh into the plate, the iPhone 4S added Siri along with the iPhone 5S had the Touch ID fingerprint detector.

The most important addition to this iphone giveaway free is certainly the brand new pressure-sensitive touchscreen technologies called the 3D Touch which though right now is very awesome and will surely be interesting when more programs are released to it.

In general, what Apple has to do is to convince folks that the S version of iPhone 6 is worth the upgrade, even though there are a whole lot of different mobiles to pick from and sadly the iPhone 6S does not appear as a game changer, it merely has a few subtle updates that do have a great deal of potential with potential upgrades or updates.


At first glance, the iPhone 6S appears to be like this iPhone 6, it has the exact same curved corners and borders, but there are a number of subtle layout changes.

The front of the telephone is currently more powerful, the glass less likely to shatter if the phone is lost and last, that the iPhone 6S is currently manufactured from the 7000 series aluminum.

As said earlier, these changes are subtle and will probably go unnoticed by many. The volume buttons, the silencer switch and the power key are at precisely the exact same location as last year and that is not a bad thing since the telephone is not difficult to work with one hand and the buttons are exactly where they ought to be.


The iPhone 6S appears to possess exactly the identical screen as the iPhone 6, with a 4.7-inch LED-backlit IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 1334x750p, 16 million colors and a pixel density of 326ppi.

Even though there are much cheaper phones offering 1080p resolution as well as 4K screen(which can be a critical overkill!) , the iPhone 6S nevertheless provides a fantastic display encounter, being clear and crisp, with deep blacks, bright whites and incredibly exact colors.

While the resolution remains the same there’s one big improvement from the previous year’s flagship. You’re now presented using the 3D Touch that provides an entirely new way to socialize with all the iPhone.

If right now you can just open pop-up webpages, activate quick actions or enlarge, preview messages and links and there’s a lot which may be carried out later on.


This translates into smoother multitasking, even better managing of graphically-demanding jobs (such as playing games), there was no stuttering, no lost frames and the telephone never fades while we utilized it.

But there are a number of shortcomings. Apple made a decision to maintain 16GB as foundation memory to get iPhone 6S and since there is not a microSD slot, filling those up 16GB will occur right away.


The iOS has ever been the back of this iPhones along with the new setup, the iOS 9 offers the identical firmness and user-friendliness we had been used to and thanks to its delicate tweaks through the last few years along with the newest additional 3D signature, the more iOS 9 is your finest iPhone software up to now.

As always, the iOS is fast and responsive, the App Store remains lively (and of greater quality than Google Play Store) as well as the programs have endured some transformations and updates.

Even the Apple Maps, today, has transit instructions, there’s a News program, that’s rather fundamental, bringing themes from other sources within an magazine-style interface. Notifications are now filtered by time, not by program and due to its M9 coprocessor, Siri is on standby today you can wake it by crying Hey Siri rather than pressing a button. Siri, too, can react to a whole lot more orders.

The 3D Touch is its primary characteristic and though in its infancy, is executed exactly the best with Apple’s Mail.

There were complaints regarding the battery in the iPhone 6 and yeah, Apple did not quite addressed this situation. Anyhow, the battery life dropped at 15 to 16 hours per day and there are a whole lot of individuals who must recharge their iPhone 6S throughout the mid-afternoon.

It is not like it is not clear, but the rationale being the execution of 3D Touch. The battery did not have sufficient space and they desired to maintain the identical layout as iPhone 6. Nonetheless, there are plenty of smartphones which contain 4000mAh and battery lifetime is generally a determining factor for buyers.