Explorer America concept features a futured state of the art interpretation of a traditional yachting compass, displaying real time global positioning, 3D landscape, 3D weather forecasting from live Dopplers, 3D traffic visualization, destinations, urban and country terrain, by way of projected holographic imagery and “intelligent forecasting”, for all the vehicle occupants to view. 1/6/08

Whether or not fishing just for fun or fishing competitively, one thing applies and that is that you need the right equipment to be successful at fishing. The reason why that having the right gear is so important is that do some fishing in freshwater is not the same as fishing in salt water.

Throughout fresh water, you will fish a river different from a water, and in salt water, you will fish from a pier or the coast different than you would from a boat. If you are deep-sea fishing subsequently it is a whole other game entirely, because you will need to apply certain specialized gear in addition to heavier rods, reels, and undertake the repair of like depth finders, chart traceur gps espion , and even a GPS UNIT.

Of course , if you are the kind of sportsman who is really into deep-sea fishing then you already know what it takes to have a successful deep-sea day fishing expedition. However , if you are new to this kind of fishing then right now there a few things you need to know when going out on a deep-sea fishing-boat.

If you have fished from a boat in shallow water, you could possibly still have used some gear like a GPS or a information plotter or maybe even both in combination. You do this in order to properly co-ordinate your fishing trip so that you do not fish covering the same area or over fish a location that may result in minimum catches.

On a deep-sea fishing expedition using a GPS along with chart plotter combination is even more important because not only have you been able to chart your trip, but you will be able to more easily identify and mark an area that you have fished before where you have possessed successful catches.

Many boat captains and particularly charter yacht captains make great use of this kind of equipment and information because of their clients, which is very good for you if you are their charter. When you own your own deep-sea boat, or are considering buying your deep-sea boat then you definitely need a GPS/chart plotter combo to hit your objectives.