Sim only contracts are increasingly gaining momentum in the mobile tariff marketplace as they provide flexibility and impressive value for money. Providing you have a present mobile handset, Sim only is an excellent way to cut your telephone costs.

Also, if you have a tendency to travel a whole lot, Sim only is the ideal approach to take advantage of local telephone rates – you simply buy a SIM from the country you visit and swap it to your UK one. This can add up to a massive saving in comparison to being billed for international phone calls.

Freedom of Choice

If you are not sure which type of cellular plan to go for amidst the sometimes overwhelming assortment of tariff offers accessible from network providers nowadays, a Sim only contract is a good pick because the majority of these kinds of deals offer you a signup commitment for as little as a month. This will let you try out an offer without being bound to it as with pay monthly phone contracts. You’ll also then have the freedom to choose a better deal if and when it’s available in the marketplace.

The Sim only option is also perfect for technology-hungry users who want to be accessible to snap up the latest handsets since they’re published without needing to pay off a protracted contract – these informed types would then sell their past mobile phones to get their hands on the most recent smartphone wonder.

Additionally, many people such as students simply don’t want to have the responsibility of being tied into a lengthy contract – Sim only enables them to select and choose deals when they like without being tied down, there’s absolutely no binding agreement.

RS Web Sols just allows a much more affordable monthly tariff since you are just committing to connect to a network using your existing cellular phone. The savings on paying purely for services without the handset price are significant.

Careful Research

These days, all significant network suppliers today offer Sim only bargains. The best way to discover the best offer on the marketplace is to compare what is available – here it’s important to not just look at the lowest fee, but also give some thought to what your usage habits are so that you are able to choose the best package. For example, if you’re a textaholic then a large allowance of free texts are important to the deal you settle on, or if you spend a lot of time downloading applications etc., to your mobile phone then you would want to acquire a bundle that provides a generous data allowance cap. Nowadays there are numerous portal websites that provide simple comparison tables to earn your research fuss-free.


In the present economic climate where most individuals are having to tighten their belts on spending, Sim simply contracts offer an superb way to cut down on your monthly mobile tariff while still enjoying excellent value for money concerning getting a good package deal of free texts, calls and other multimedia solutions.