Rowing is usually related to water sports and activities such as canoeing, boating and kayaking. But rowing isn’t always about the water. As a matter of fact, it can be a way of exercising indoors. Yes, it is possible to certainly do it outdoors on actual water but you can also do it inside with the use of a rowing machine, also referred to as an indoor rower.

What’s an indoor rower? It is comparable to many other workout equipment in that it may be used to build up your muscles, burn fat and boost endurance, together with the advantage that all these can be carried out with one device. When you use this equipment, you get that sense of rowing as though you’re in a ship on the water. The rowing machine has started to be a popular exercise equipment because it is easy to use, is a fantastic way of exercising and because of the tiny space it requires in your house. Usually, the prices and also the functions of a rower are based on the quality and brand. Ordinarily, when a version has a lot of functions, it might have a higher cost compared to people with lesser functions. So how can you opt for the one that you think best fits you?

You will ask referrals from a few experienced users of this equipment. If they have been using this apparatus for a long time and they advocate a certain brand, then it may be of good quality and useful. You might also ask experts what they believe fits you. Another way of knowing what model to buy is via studying Roeitrainer aanbieding testimonials to learn about features, costs and functionality. These testimonials are oftentimes dependable, but you can never be too confident. However, if several reviewers discuss a single brand or a particular version, if they say positive or negative things about it, then they may be near the truth and you should either get or avoid that particular make.

Popular Models

The first thing you should do is to examine the versions and find the one which suits you. There are three leading versions of indoor rowers that are usually the topic of interest in rowing machine reviews. These three brands are: 1) Kettler Coach, 2) Tunturi R60 and 3) Stamina ATS 1400 Air Rower.

It simulates the actual rowing motions and includes 10 training programs so that you may choose which one of them matches your level of fitness. Additionally, it has an inbuilt computer which lets you keep track of the strokes you’ve made, your heartbeat, the distance traveled and how much energy you’ve consumed. It has an “anti-slip” protector to keep you stable. The seat is very comfortable and compact as well.

The Tunturi R60 is regarded as a better rowing machine than the Kettler Coach but is somewhat more costly, with a price of $1500. It’s 12 training programs unlike the Kettler Coach’s 10. Eight out of the twelve are pre-set and everything you need to do is put it depending on your liking. There’s also a pull bar that remotes the controllers of this machine and is convenient for switching between various programs.

The previous model, the Stamina ATS 1400 Air Rower, is the best make if you’re considering keeping yourself in shape and improving your stamina. It’s also easy to take out and fold when completed. Its track makes it possible to take a look at the calories you’ve burned and will motivate you to keep rowing. It’s also cheaper in contrast to the 2 versions, with costs at only $350.