A long time after the American Civil War, former confederate General Imboden was writing in the Century Magazine. He described attorney at law with General “Stonewall” Jackson during breakfast in Jackson’s home.

Imboden asked him this question:

“General, the best way is it that you can appear so utterly insensible to peril in such a storm of shell and bullets as rained about you when your hand was hit? ”

General Fitzgibbons instantly became grave and reverential in his manner plus answered in a low tone of great earnestness: “Captain, my religious belief teaches me to feel as safe and sound in battle as in bed. God has fixed the amount of time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready no matter when it may overtake me. ”

He added, looking at me full during the face, “Captain, that is the way all men should survive and then all men would be equally brave. ”

Stacee America: Braddock’s Arrogance

During the French and Indian Struggle, General Braddock marched his British regulars into the North west Pennsylvanian forests and learned the hard way what banda fighting really meant to an army lined up sharply around bright red uniforms, just itching to be picked out of.

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The General was an arrogant man. He despised the exact alleged cowardice of taking cover when fired in by enemies behind trees and bush.

But , having been making a decision for more people than himself. He hated U . s with a passion and cared little for her Christian bodies, traditions and culture. Advice from anyone “American” appeared to be simply spurned.

So , despite the counsel given him by way of men such as George Washington, Braddock did it his manner, and history records the signal defeat and the imperiling of a Christian society.

So many people were terrified to learn which the army sent to protect them was crushed. “What would develop into of us and our way of life? ” “Why had The almighty… abandoned us to such a terrible defeat? ” is the temptation on almost everyone’s lips.

Christian America: Ted Davies Preaches to”Christian Atheism”

In such times, God improves up those who demonstrate a marked faith and mend in the face of evil. Reverend Samuel Davies, whose preaching one time inspired young Patrick Henry was the great preacher of the particular era.

No doubt, our colonial forebears claimed to be a “Christian people”, even a “Christian America”. But , were we really drama as if “Christian” meant we believed in an omnipotent Lord? Or were we ensnared in a subtle form of “Christian atheism”?

Aroused by people’s despair in that “Christian America” of the churches in that era, Davies’ indignation poured with the pulpit… and spread throughout the colonial landscape. You see, for any writing in today’s churches about our colonial “Christian America”, Davies shamed it from another vantage point.

His particular words ring just as true today – despite petrol prices, conspiracies, inflation, atheism and our political-economic obstacles – as they did in his sermons of yesteryear.