Be Cautious Of Fraudulent Charities

This type of IFCJ news makes me angry steaming mad. There are many men and women that are less lucky than the typical individual. And there aren’t many enough men and women that are ready to help out them. Then these unscrupulous individuals or groups of individuals attempt to benefit from people who’ve giving hearts. I think that there is a special spot in hell for people like them

Anyhow, the main reason for its mini rant is that this bit of information I read in The Miami Herald. Apparently, there are individuals who participate in fraudulent actions, attempting to collect cash in spite of military veterans, police, and firefighters. According to the report:

The Florida attorney general on Wednesday joined a nationwide effort to fight fraud perpetrated by groups claiming to collect money on behalf of security bureaus and veterans, however they provide misleading advice about just how much of their money would really be given to these classes.


“Operation False Charity” includes 76 activities against 32 fundraising businesses, 31 people and 22 nonprofits — or bands claiming to be nonprofits. The effort is directed by the Federal Trade Commission, and attorneys general, secretaries of state and other law enforcers in 48 states and the District of Columbia.

You know what is worse? A number of those groups are in fact REAL charities. The dilemma is that the money they collect don’t ALL go to the causes which they’re supposed to winner. While that’s not incorrect or rare in itself, people are misled and vast majority of the cash goes to administration expenses, including salary of those who are employed in the associations.