Spotlight onto a Specialist: Joy’s Empathetic and Informed Approach

Interacting with Empathy

Joy B., one of those superb Hearing Instrument Specialists, really knows what her patients are going through when they’re becoming accustomed with Nano hearing aid technologies.

Joy is a empathetic, gifted Hearing Instrument Specialist on our team!
How can she know?

Joy is an amputee and has had 18 surgeries. She knows that adapting to changes is a procedure. She understands the value of encouraging each other throughout the process of adaptationregardless of how large or little the challenge is.

Every day, Joy brings her profound compassion (together with her unbelievable talent) together with her to function with Lucid Hearing.

Nano hearing aid technologies

Her Inspiration: Helping People Hear

Joy has been operating at Lucid Hearing for 1 year. When asks what prompted her to enter this line of work, she replied,”To help people. My passion in life is helping others and this field is great to do that in. To watch people hear how they are meant to hear is an amazing feeling and I am honored to be a part of that process! “

Joy enjoys interacting with members and learning in their hearing and their expertise with hearing loss. She makes an attempt to establish realistic expectations of what hearing aids can perform for individuals’ hearing loss. “When given realistic expectations,” Joy explains,”people do nicely and it significantly enhances their quality of life”

Lucid Hearing’s Superior Sound
Joy has worked with a lot of different products, but she says she enjoys Lucid’s product line more than any other! What sets Lucid’s products apart? Joy cites the free aftercare services, the free software updates, and the clarity of the products. According to Joy, her favorite part of working at Lucid Hearing is: working with an amazing product with superior sound!

We are lucky to have Joy on our team as a Hearing Instrument Specialist! The talent and passion she brings is so valuable! Joy works at our hearing center in Temple, TX. Come by to say”hi” if you are ever in the region!